A ‘Bad’ end to a good summer

09/05/2011  |  6 Comments

A great summer. The perfect summer. My U2 360 journey ended six weeks ago. And in the curious way that time... more

Out. Of. Control.

07/07/2011  |  3 Comments

I got a few bottlerockets and firecrackers in Tim C.'s Alsip neighborhood on the south side of Chicago at a... more

I’m not the only one staring at the sun

06/25/2011  |  No Comments

I've been a Florida girl for 93 percent of my life. But I've never been as hot as I was... more

She wore seven.

06/22/2011  |  1 Comment

Tonight's Baltimore concert will be my seventh U2 show, so the shirt of choice is a replica of the "7"... more

GA line on the horizon.

06/21/2011  |  No Comments

Got into Baltimore late last night and found the line started up around 9 a.m. today. I'm No. 5 ...... more

I went wandering: Beth and Tim’s excellent adventure

06/18/2011  |  No Comments

After a month-long hiatus since the Denver kickoff of Summer U2011, I pick back up with my U2 adventure next... more

Let me in the sound:
Patrick Hoover’s mix tape

06/15/2011  |  2 Comments

Patrick Hoover and I “went out” for about three weeks in seventh grade. This means that a friend of his... more

Hey! . . . Is this Red Rocks?

05/31/2011  |  No Comments

I could not visit Denver without going to Red Rocks Park and Amphitheater, site of U2’s legendary 1983 concert during... more

Flash bulbs, purple irises:
U2 360° Denver photos

05/30/2011  |  No Comments

From the GA list to the emptying stadium, here's what U2 360 looked like in Denver. http://www.flickr.com/photos/bethnabi/sets/72157626696072345/show/

And now I can breathe.

05/27/2011  |  4 Comments

Recap: Denver, 5/21/2011. (Contains setlist spoilers.) The U2 360 show in Denver took my breath away in so many ways.... more